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medical care in East Africa

Travel Report from Uganda August / September 2019


Training at the Ministry of Health of Kampala for ISO certification

In addition to our activities to provide medical care to the people in Kampala, our tasks also include training of the authorities. To help the Ministry of Health obtain ISO certification for its processes, we conducted a rescue training for all employees. The training was primarily intended to teach the correct use of rescue equipment such as the stifneck or the shovel stretcher for a safe transportation of a patient. Only through such exercises and constant training can we create a fast and smooth emergency response. The ISO certification for the Ministry of Health in Kampala is so important because it is the most widespread quality management standard in the world. The maintenance of this standard also ensures that minimum requirements for quality management processes are adhered to. For Kampala, such certification of its Ministry of Health means a significant improvement in the health care system as a whole.