Together, for better
medical care in East Africa

Integrated rescue coordination centre

In most European, Asian and American countries, centralized and modern equipped rescue control centres have been standard for a long time. These have an overview over all regionally available rescue units and organizations. The contact details of these are also stored here. There are generally known area-wide emergency numbers, which can be reached even without credit on mobile phone accounts!

Rescue control centres have knowledge of access routes and obstacles, such as bridges that cannot be crossed by vehicles or nearby hospitals, as well as their possibilities and capacities. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

In Uganda there is no such thing! Many police stations and hospitals are not accessible at night or have no night duty. Kilimanjaro Doctors is working on setting up a central, modern rescue control centre for Uganda. We hope that we will be able to convince all active aid organizations to participate in this project.