Together, for better
medical care in East Africa

Our year 2021 in numbers

The year 2021 has presented us with many challenges as well. Due to the curfews that have been imposed time and again, our focus has shifted to providing basic services to the population.

Here are our figures for 2021:

  • approx. 5800 basic food aid items distributed
  • 4904 medical consultations given
  • 1841 emergency medications dispensed or driven to the scene of an emergency
  • 298 ambulance transports and hospital transfers
  • 267 specialized medical assistance provided to local hospitals
  • 183 technical assistance provided for technical problems of other organizations
  • 124 patients treated (no emergencies)
  • 53 specialist diagnostic examinations in third-party hospitals facilitated
  • 17 emergency medical missions handled
  • 16 technical assistance in traffic accidents
  • 14 water rescue, person rescued from water hazards
  • 8 death determinations at the scene of accidents
  • 3 external aid projects supported
  • 1 fire mission