Annual Activity Report 2018

The first year of our association's activities is naturally the most difficult. It is marked by registration and registration processes in Germany and Uganda. All processes and activities have to be thought out and planned first. In the coming year 2019, we will be busy with registration in Kenya. This will make it much easier to import relief goods and equipment to Uganda, which all have to go through the port of Mombasa in Kenya or Dares Al Salam in Tanzania.

After registering the association in Germany, we set off for Uganda in May. If you want to be active in Uganda yourself and not only support other people's projects there, you need a tax number, a permanent representative living there with a Ugandan address, a registration as a non-profit organisation in Uganda and a local office that is staffed all year round. There are several options for this registration. It is essential, as without registration, each imported part will be subject to significant import duties, some of which may exceed the value of the goods.

What do all these things have in common? First of all, they cost a lot of time and money.

So we immediately looked for a suitable base - a place that was safe, central, cheap and big enough for our purposes. In addition, there had to be sufficient secure parking facilities for the emergency vehicles. After countless visits, we finally rented a property on the outskirts of Kampala. This is now our first office in Kampala, in the Kitebi district.



Now it was a matter of finding a reliable representative for our Ugandan office. After careful consideration, we decided on the Ugandan business graduate Florence Sewava as our first full-time employee and representative in Uganda. As the daughter of a successful businessman in Kampala, she has good contacts, several years of practical experience as an office manager in a well-known law firm and as the sole responsible organisational manager in an architect's office with an associated construction company with more than seventy employees.

In the future, her task will be to manage the business of our organisation in Uganda.

Every day during business hours, she is the contact person in our station for all matters concerning Kilimanjaro Doctors. Florence takes care of our correspondence, the official business, commissions service providers, buys medicines and also brings them to the patients, if needed. She is also responsible for transporting pregnant and infirm patients to the hospital. To make this task easier for her, she received a basic course in medical care and pharmacology. To carry out her tasks, we provided Florence with a Honda CRV 4x4 emergency vehicle with medical equipment.