Technical Rescue and Assistance

Outside the capital, the technical rescue, for example after traffic accidents is not at all and only sporadically present in Kampala. There is hardly any trained personnel and very little rescue equipment. Away from the main metropolises and the main traffic arteries, nothing is available.

Trapped persons, especially in overcrowded public taxis carrying up to fifteen passengers, are a problematic situation. The Toyota HIACE minibuses, some of which are quite old, are not subject to technical inspection as in Europe and often have considerable technical defects.

If the frame bends in the event of an accident, this often happens behind the B-pillar of the vehicle, at the height of the first row of passenger seats, dramatic situations can arise. To rescue the passengers you need heavy rescue equipment, which is not available. 

We know of a case in which a woman was massively trapped with both thighs. Since this accident happened in a quite remote area, only the simplest equipment and no trained rescue personnel were available. After more than ten hours, the woman was unable to free herself, but she still screamed loudly, so she was beaten to death.

We want to try to avoid such situations and to provide easy to handle recovery equipment and basic emergency backpacks as best we can. This is a big task because the country of Uganda is not small.

We call on all other organisations to take part in this action.