We help where we are needed

In Uganda, due to lack of money a patient has to organize and pay his transport to the hospital by himself even after an accident. That is especially problematic when the patient does not have much money with him or is unconscious after an accident.

At the hospital a patient or his relatives have to deal with the procurement of emergency medication. Although almost all common medicines are available in Uganda, due to lack of money hospitals do not have any medication on stock. Also in Uganda´s usually free public hospitals every medication has to be bought in a pharmacy by every patient or his relatives. Even important medication is generally not on stock in Uganda´s hospitals. The procurement of emergency medication can take time and the treatment is not continued during this time. If the relatives are not fast enough, it often leads to consequential damage or even death of the patient.

Furthermore, medications are too expensive in relation to the income of the population.

Kilimanjaro Doctors procures the medications, pays for those and delivers those with its emergency vehicles, which are equipped with a signaling system, to the hospital. If necessary, we also bring specialists to hospitals. All this saves time and many lives!

Kilimanjaro Doctors is alerted by medical staff in the emergency rooms.