Doctors Mobil

In many inaccessible areas of Uganda, some of which can only be reached by motorcycles or armoured off-road vehicles, people have virtually no access to medical care. The mostly far away health stations have also only a nurse and possess hardly any diagnostic possibilities or medicines. A pharmacy is sometimes a day trip away and the people also have no money tp pay for the medication. Often times, there is not even enough money to cover the costs of the journey.

With a team usually consisting of one or two doctors and a multilingual Ugandan translator, Kilimanjaro Doctors drives high off-road vehicles with full emergency ambulance equipment to remote regions and sets up a mobile doctor's practice for two days per village. Then the team moves on.

The vehicles used are equipped with a collapsible stretcher in a storage compartment. In an emergency, part of the rear bench can also be folded down to accommodate another stretcher. This means that an emergency transport can also be carried out even if the team does not have access to the working area as in a conventional ambulance.

All of this certainly sounds easier than it is. There is often neither clean water nor electricity available. Even simple analyses must be carried out with the material available in the vehicle. So we have to carry fresh water tanks, an electricity generator, our seating group, a small treatment tent and a large supply of various medicines in large quantities.

For ourselves we need some provisions, drinking water, coffee, washing utensils, clean clothes and sleeping bags. All these things have to fit into a compact vehicle that can handle deep water passages and steep slopes.