Statutory Purpose

All projects of our association primarily serve the advancement of our association's aims. Facilities and structures shall be established that enable long-term independent living for people on site. We consider inclusion of the population not only helpful, but indispensible.

Our planned projects  include, in particular:

  • Establishment and self-operation of health stations, hospitals, emergency services and rescue coordination centers.
  • Establishment of a uniform national emergency number, regional rescue coordination centers and a functioning emergency service structure. This will be done in collaboration with local police authorities and health ministries. The association also supports international training for medical staff for the region.
  • Expansion of a mobile hospital truck network that will provide free medical assistance in remote villages during set times at known locations.
  • Direct assistance for and establishment of basic logistics on site for other aid organizations in case of larger emergencies, disasters or pandemics.

To realize these projects, the association collects monetary and material donations. In addition, the association receives funds through sponsoring memberships. These funds are used exclusively for the association's projects.